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Cincinnati Reds…A Long and Storied History

The Cincinnati Reds got their start in 1866 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They began as an amateur club but went professional in 1869, making them the first ever all professional baseball team. That original team eventually moved to Boston and then Atlanta, becoming the team we know today as the Braves. That however was not the end of the Reds or baseball in Cincinnati.

The team we know today as the Cincinnati Reds is the third team to have held the Red Stockings name. After the first team moved to Boston, another team was started but was soon expelled from the league in 1880 for violating league rules by selling beer to fans at their games. This left Cincinnati without a team for a second time and this third team also took the Red Stockings name.

Joining the American Association in 1882, the team left for the National League in 1889. After a few unsuccessful years, the team gradually improved and won their first World Series in 1919. Unfortunately, their first win was tarnished in 1920 when the famous Black Sox Scandal revealed that players from the opposing team, the White Sox, had thrown the game.

The team won one more Series under the Red Stockings name, and three under the Reds name. Also to their credit, the Cincinnati Reds have won nine National League Pennants, one American Association Pennant, one National League Central Division title, and seven West Division titles.

Late in the 1960s, the Cincinnati Reds were subjected to a strict code that stated no player could wear long hair, mustaches, or beards. The rule, unpopular as it was, was rescinded in 1999. Players were also restricted from wearing colorful shoes or prominent logos on their shoes.

Unlike players of other teams who can accept contracts with companies to wear their shoes on the field in exchange for money, the Reds had to wear only solid black shoes. Some players protested the rule citing unfairness and it was changed slightly, allowing the team members a choice of wearing red shoes as well.

A team with a history as long as the Reds would of course have a long list of home stadiums throughout the years. The first home field of the team was the Bank Street Grounds, followed by the League Parks one and two, Palace of the Fans, which was officially the third League Park, Crosley Field, Riverfront Stadium, and currently the Great American Ballpark.

The team moved into their current home in 2003. Costing 290 million dollars, the park has a capacity for more than 42,000 fans. The scoreboard is the third largest in Major League Baseball and was upgraded in 2009 to High Definition.

The Cincinnati Reds have a long history any Major League Baseball fan would find fascinating. They are the oldest team in professional baseball history. A game at the Great American Baseball Park is one sure to provide tons of fun and entertainment for every age. 


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